In the Beginning, Part 2

More of my story about continuing my journey with Lyme disease.



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  1. Mark setzer
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 21:23:16

    Back in the late 80’s my dad had found the tick and had the rash, but because of the lack of Lyme cases in his area of North Carolina, his Dr. did not want to go to the trouble of running the test. After three years of insisting, he was tested and it came back positive. It was hard watching someone so strong waste away with pain. Doctors seemed indifferent. Pain pills and pills to counter their side effects seemed to be the treatment of choice.


    • Allegra Knight
      Aug 01, 2013 @ 19:03:28

      Mark, I hate hearing stories like your Dad’s. Sadly, I hear them all too often. One of the things that I hope happens as we all spread awareness about Lyme disease is for doctors to become more educated about it. I’m from Maryland, one of the epicenters of Lyme per the CDC, and there are too many Lyme naysayer doctors! Yes, there are doctors who either don’t believe in Lyme disease and/or don’t believe in persistent Lyme. To be honest, I am still researching the background on why this is; I do know that it is a long, complicated, and painful story. Keep checking in and as I learn more, I will share it.

      Thanks for tuning in!


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