Don’t Just Say “Buck Up!”

Today’s service at UUCA. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me.

Soul Seeds

From medical doctor Jeff Kane we hear this story, how “a university medical center surveyed its former patients about their experiences when hospitalized. One question was, ‘Of all personnel, which helped you most to feel better?’ Response categories included physicians, nurses, and technicians, but the runaway winner was a write-in: housekeepers. Who’s the housekeeper? She’s the lady with the aching back who wheels her mop bucket into your room in the quiet hours and asks, ‘How’re you doing?’ She probably hasn’t a notion of the condition of your intestines and coronaries. She’s there to clean the floor, but she needs to find a bit of rest first and would love a little company.” Dr. Kane concludes, “patients say they get their best emotional help from people who are interested in them, not particularly in their disease. When we feel recognized, witnessed, understood, we shine.”


I read this in Dr. Kane’s…

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