TrUUmpism – Sermon – March 19, 2017

Melting-Pot Dharma

In the first few days after the November elections, the idea of wearing a safety pin made the rounds. A supply was distributed at the Friday night gathering we had at the church that week. The pins made a statement: Things may get rougher, and I hereby declare myself an ally of anyone being harassed or bullied. By wearing one, I intended to declare myself safe for women and minorities — immigrants, people of color, the LGBT and gender nonconforming community…and for Republicans and Trump supporters who felt they were unfairly being demonized.

But things were — and still are — so polarized I quickly feared that my safety pin would be seen as a symbol of only one of the poles, so I stopped wearing it. I mention that as a prelude to my sermon today. Unitarian Universalism’s first principle is to affirm and promote the inherent worth…

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